Table of Contents
  1. Spawning
  2. Drops
    1. Equipment
    2. Experience
  3. Behavior
    1. Attacking the player
    2. Picking up items
  4. Gallery

Direbats are neutral flying mobs that spawn in caves and other dark places.


Direbats can spawn in up to groups of 4 in the Overworld. They will only spawn at a light level of 4 or less. If the date on the player’s computer is between October 20th and November 3rd, Direbats will instead spawn in the Overworld at a light level of 7 or less.


When killed by a player, Direbats drop 0 to 2 Direbat Fangs. The amount of possible fangs dropped by a Direbat increases by 4 per level of Looting, so the most you can get is 14 from one kill, but it is still possible to get none.


Direbats always drop their held item(s) on death.


Direbats drop 5 experience points on death if killed by the player.


Attacking the player

Direbats are neutral by default, however they will atack you if you attacked them first. However if the light level is higher than 4 then the Direbat becomes hostile, dropping any items it was holding and attacking the player. A Direbat will inflict 5 seconds of Blindness on the hit entity, or 10 seconds if the difficulty is set to hard.

Picking up items

Direbats will find and go after item entities nearby and pick them up. A Direbat will drop its held item if it takes damage in any way, or targets an entity.

A Direbat in its natural habitat, avoiding light